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California 2012 Election Handbook

Observing California 2012 Election Handbook & Video instruction with Lori Grace

The following links will help you monitor the vote in California. Below is a link to the document referred to in the video. Also page numbers and references that are made are noted below. Thank you for watching and caring about our democracy. Enjoy the vote!

Lori Grace

Here is a link to the Document Monitor elections in California Handbook

It is the pdf of the Monitoring Electronic Voting Systems in California manual.
For the various parts of the video, we will refer to this link, then tell people to page down to page _____.

Here are the page references:

for observing voting at the polls, see pp. 16, 30 and 31.
for observing DRE’s, see pp. 16, 34, 35, 68, and 69.
for observing Optical Scanners, see pp. 16, 36, 70, and 71.
for observing a poll closing, see pp. 16, 37 and 38.
for observing chain of custody from polling place to Registrar of Voters Office, see pp. 16, 39, 40, 72, and 73.
for observing the central tabulator on election night, see pp. 16 and 41 – 45.
for observing the Vote-By-Mail processing, see pp. 16, 21 – 23, and bottom of p. 45.
for observing the 1% Manual Tally, see pp. 16 and 46 – 49.

Video the Vote

Join the thousands who are documenting the election in their community this year. If you encounter a problem at your polling place be prepared to use your smart phone to document what is happening and then share that content on your YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Ustream account by using #VideoTheVote so our team can follow …

- To share in with everyone that the election is rigged, and is being watched , because a criminal will change their ways if they know they are watched.

- the find problem areas to recount and record and post many ways.

Votescam: The Stealing of America


Video the Vote 2012 Video the Vote ensures timely, complete, and accurate reporting of voter suppression and election irregularities by organizing citizen journalists to document elections in their communities

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