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Donate to Recount Prop 37

Ways to donate:

Support us by donating to our Fundrazer campaign!

If we win the recount, your money over $500 will be returned to you. If you donate less than $500 and we win the recount, your donation will go to our Institute as a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to support our management of the recount. Thank you for your support!

If we lose the recount, whatever you donate to the Institute can be used as a TAX-DEDUCTION.

The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity is a project of Sunrise Center, 645 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera, CA 94925 Рa 501(C)3 nonprofit organization registered in the states of both California and Hawaii.

We would like to thank Neal Kelley, Registrar of Orange County for his fairness in how he charges people who wish to do recounts. Thank you, Neal Kelly, for your support of democracy in having such reasonably priced recounts! We invite you to thank him too at neal.kelley@rov.ocgov.com. His recount costs are $600 a day. Your contributions will help us look at Orange County thoroughly if we need to or will help us raise money for the next county. Many other counties are more expensive.

If we feel it is desired to go on to another county, we can complete our recount of Orange County at any time and, if we have raised enough money, go on to the next county. We will decide which county based upon the advice of several statisticians and other consultants that we have. Overall, we support you to trust that we are doing much research every day on our recount strategies and to give with no preference to where it is directed in the recount. If you wish to donate more than $5000 to the recount, you may register your preference with the Institute office at 415 924 7824. As a courtesy, we at the Institute will let you know if the recount is already underway in the county of your choice.

Volunteering your time: A way to help us if you have no money to spare or even if you do! We need to have two people representing Yes on Prop. 37 at the elections office watching the recount table from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are going to be dividing the shifts into four hour segments. You can contribute GREATLY to our recount by volunteering to attend for four hours or more. By donating your time to the recount, you are contributing to the possible overturning of the election results.

Thank you EVERYONE for your money and/or your time! Your support means the world to us and to Prop. 37!


Lori Grace, director, and the Institute Staff, Katrina, Ritch, Tina, Lauren, and EdInstitute of American Democracy and Election Integrity