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Mitch Trachtenberg


Developers of Ballot Browser

TEVSystems is Mitch Trachtenberg’s open-source solution for ensuring honest and accurate vote counting in elections.

His goal is to enable all citizens to feel confidence in their local and national election results.

His software will always be available for free, but he sells licensed versions of the software with complete training and technical support services. He also provides ballot counting, as well as turnkey integrated solutions, enabling elections offices to install our systems with an absolute minimum of hassle.

Mitch Trachtenberg, TEVSystems Technology Director
Mitch Trachtenberg graduated from MIT in 1979, and has more than a quarter century of experience in software development. He has taught and consulted in the United States and Canada, Europe, and Asia, at a wide variety of corporations and organizations, including IBM, Silicon Graphics, Northern Telecom, and the Beijing Institute of Post and Telecom.